Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Awesome!! Totally!!!

I have joined Twitter, facebook, and this blog in hopes that I am starting to reach an audience out there. Hopefully, I am doing some good for my guild members in promoting their products from Artfire. This lovely little cheerleading outfit is adorable!!! I have a friend at work that would simply love this. I will have to tell her all about it on Thursday, when I see her. Go to and browse--you never know what you will find. Remember, Christmas is coming sooner than you think.

I have good news to report. I met a woman through freecycle, here in Hickory, who makes jewelry and she is interested in doing a show or two before the end of the year. The next show, like I've said is Art In the Shop, in Taylorsville, NC on October 3rd. She is willing to put fort effort and she is very enthusiastic--quite a change from my other experiences. Sooooo, we're shooting for that show. Anyone out there close to Taylorsville? Come see Debbie and I.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Okay!!!! I can tell you that this little hoodie is all the rage. Every well dressed doggie needs one for the chilly winter nights. Just one question, can you make them for larger dogs too???? Go to and see what other items she has in her shop. Great job, Cutsie Poochie!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Plans!

Okay...So, I've had a few setbacks and have had to come up with different plans. Remember I said that I WOULD do the craft shows? Well, as it stands now, they seem unattainable. I am without a vehicle of my own and because my daughter has two kids it is very difficult for them to cart me everywhere I need to go, including the craft shows.

My "friend" who used to do them with me, is no longer interested. She was keeping our banquet tables and the canopy for the shows at her house. (She has more room than me) When I went to get these items last Wednesday, she informed me that the canopy self-destructed. She was using them for her yard sales! I got that canopy off freecycle -- so, it was very well used when I got it. We both had agreed to only use it for the shows that were upcoming. Then this way, we would not abuse it and it would probably last. So, now, I have no canopy, no vehicle...still I was hopeful.

I work with a woman who offered me the use of her PT Cruiser. I thanked her profusely and again my hopes rose to new heights. But, alas, someone in her family is ill and they will need the use of the vehicle that weekend. Still, I was hopeful.

I thought, well, maybe I can rent the canopy and the tables and have them delivered to the show and then they will pick them up at the end of the show. After several phone calls, because of the times of the show, that proved impossible. Okay, so now I'm not so hopeful. Went through a bit of despair and anxiety. But, now, I've just decided to concentrate on the online stuff. I am still very upset that I cannot attend the craft shows the rest of the year, but hopeful that the Artfire site will prove to be beneficial. I took new pictures of my items and posted them all on Artfire. I am participating more and more in the You Can Sell It Guild that I belong to and hope to make a Halloween costume for a contest for another guild that I belong to -- all on Artfire.

I plan, now, to get out of debt...and as soon as I do that I will just have to go out and buy a car at a dealership, since finding a Point A to Point B car is proving to be impossible.

Funny, how things never turn out the way you plan. It almost seems that Karma is determining my every step. What I have wanted and what I have to do are quite opposed to one another.

So, for everyone out there that is in a similar boat as I -- don't despair, don't fret, just make other plans...don't be inflexible. Remember my motto....

Those who do not hear the music think the dancers mad. Keep on listening to your muses and move forward!