Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Can Sell it Guild

The You Can Sell it Guild has a new Guild Master. Follow the renewed energy and spirit of these determined artisans, including myself, as we take an OK guild to one of the best guilds on Artfire. Let's blog about it, tweet about it and anything else that we can think of to promote this guild and show everyone of what we're made!

P. S. Love the new widget!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How's your belly dancing?

This belt is absolutely a work of art! I can just see it on a beautiful belly dancer. Can you hear the finger cymbals, yet? I just love the attention to detail that this item has. I sew and bead and all that other good stuff and I know that this one took a long time to create. Go and visit this wonderful shop at http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&page_no=2&display=20&op=new&sterm=&sort_cats=&seller_id=52658&sc_id=0 The You Can Sell it Guild on Artfire is a great support group and have been absent too long. Since I just could not seem to manage, home, full time job, creating and posting...I decided that I should work on Artfire on Tuesdays. My track record with making plans is not so great, but I thought this one was benign enough to actually work! LOL

Has anyone out there tried Zibbet? I just heard about it a few days ago and I was thinking about opening up a shop there also. Any info would be great. Also, I found mycraftcorner.com -- very small, I think, but it seems like it might be another venue for everyone to at least get the word out about other shops. Like I keep saying, I am still getting my feet wet on this cyberstuff. But like Dori said, Keep on Swimming!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

Okay, I think that making plans is totally over rated! I was going to do a wonderful arts & craft's show in Columbia, SC the first weekend in March. I sent my pictures, along with pictures of the other items of my friend's items. Well, I was getting kind of antsy because I had not heard anything from the jurying committee...I called and the voice on the other end of the line said that they were interested in the quilted and sewn items but not in the other. Imagine my disappointment and Cathy's! (my friend) The show is expensive, so we were going to split the cost, as well as the cost of the hotel, etc. So...try as we might to think of something else that Cathy could do, the show is just not possible. So, now I'm back to square one. We were so looking forward to this show. Not only because we, being the crazy women that we are, love that kind of pressure, stress and insanity; but also, because we know it's VERY good money. Cathy and I are both looking for some other show maybe in April to do. We are trying to keep our spirits up, despite our set back.

As for me, I am desperately trying to sell items online. Who knew it would be so hard to do this. I have joined www.mycraftcorner.com and it seems like this, also, will be a good outlet. I read somewhere about Zibbet.com, I think I will give this a try also. I have posted my link to my studio on Artfire on Freecycle cafe as well. I'm also telling people at work and when I go back on Thursday I am going to take a few little things...MAYBE I can sell some of my items.

It's a rainy and cold Tuesday morning and my mind is racing with ideas...one of them has to work! LOL