Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How's your belly dancing?

This belt is absolutely a work of art! I can just see it on a beautiful belly dancer. Can you hear the finger cymbals, yet? I just love the attention to detail that this item has. I sew and bead and all that other good stuff and I know that this one took a long time to create. Go and visit this wonderful shop at The You Can Sell it Guild on Artfire is a great support group and have been absent too long. Since I just could not seem to manage, home, full time job, creating and posting...I decided that I should work on Artfire on Tuesdays. My track record with making plans is not so great, but I thought this one was benign enough to actually work! LOL

Has anyone out there tried Zibbet? I just heard about it a few days ago and I was thinking about opening up a shop there also. Any info would be great. Also, I found -- very small, I think, but it seems like it might be another venue for everyone to at least get the word out about other shops. Like I keep saying, I am still getting my feet wet on this cyberstuff. But like Dori said, Keep on Swimming!