Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WOW!!! I am really green!

I thought that I was computer literate...Boy, was I wrong. I recently became a member of Artfire. You see, I am a crafter/artisan. I have been playing with fabric since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to make a living selling my handmade items. Several times I have tried to start this cottage industry but life got in the way and it always got pushed back. Now, much later (I won't say how old I really am), I have decided that one way or another I will make this dream come to fruition.

I figured that the best way to sell my items would be online. I also sell at craft shows and I am trying to see if there are any local shops that might be interested. Anyway, I figured that becoming a member of a site such as Artfire...it would be oh, so easy...I just put pictures up and voila!!!! Boy, was I mistaken. I'm not a total idiot when it comes to computers, but I must admit that I've had to learn a whole new nomenclature. There have been terms that I've had to look up, just to see what the heck they meant. One of them was blogging!!!!

Now, sure, I've heard the term, plenty -- but I've always been too chicken to ask what exactly it was. As a member of Artfire, you can become a Maven...and one of the recent posts was to "make an artist's day". I thought, what a good idea! Everybody deserves a pat on the back. I've yet to meet someone who's ego wasn't boosted when told what a good job they did. We all smile when we are paid a compliment.

Sounds so simple...just find an artist and pay them a compliment...put a smile on their face...pat them on the back...pay it forward. I am writing this blog in hopes that other artisans/crafters find their way here. For all of you out there that have decided that art is important. For all of you who march to the sound of your own beat. I want to send out a general, "Hip, hip, hooray!!!"

My favorite quote is: "Those who do not hear the music, think the dancers mad". Artisans/Crafters, keep on dancing...