Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plan B. Or is it C? I applied for this little local show before the deadline. Sent in my fee and filled out the paperwork...and they just called me to tell me that they have been full for almost a month! Totally bummed out, because I was hoping to make a little extra cash for my trip to Sharon Springs. So, now, I have to think of another way to make that extra cash. Working overtime is not an option, because corporate won't allow that. There are no other local craft shows between now and then. I've been posting and blogging and trying to get the word out about my Artfire Studio to anyone who will listen. No bites yet!

On an upside...I HAVE FOUND A VEHICLE! One of my friends at the Barrel has a car that I can make payments on and it's big enough for everyone and everything. Even the dog! It's a Chevy Suburban. It's big and it's mine.

I just got off the phone with the promoter of the Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, NY and he is excited about the Festival and he also told me that they are hoping to have a Christmas show as well. That would be wonderful. I will gladly take time off from work to go there and do that show.

I am making plans to do Asheville Art in the Park in October. Have not found a show for November yet. But, I will. And, I think I might do the Greenville, SC Holiday Fair this year.

Now, I have to get back to work if I'm going to have enough product for September.