Thursday, July 25, 2013

Once Upon a Time....

I have been working to get ready for the Apple and Wine Festival in mid-September.  These are some of the things that I have been making...

 An Apple a Day is a recycled wine bottle with lights.
An Apple a Day

Ballooning - Drawstring Fabric Jewelry Pouch

Candy Cane is a recycled wine bottle with lights decorated with fabric and ribbon.
Candy Cane

Flowery Mead is a recycled wine bottle with lights decorated with paper, fabric, ribbon and floral picks.

Flowery Mead 

If H. G. Wells Was a Woman is a hand knitted wire bracelet.
If H. G. Wells Was a Woman

In the Field is a hand knitted wire bracelet.
In the Field

 My Secret Garden is an extra large hand knitted wire cuff bracelet.
My Secret Garden

 Opulence is a recycled liquor bottle with lights decorated with fabric, cording and ribbon.

Romantic Steampunk is a recycled wine bottle that has been decorated with burlap lace, faux pearls, ribbon, metal findings.  There is an opening for lights but I thought it was strong enough to stand on its own.

 The Circle of Time is a hand knitted wire cuff bracelet made with glass and metal beads and an antique watch part.
The Circle of Time

When I have more pictures I will post them!

I have also been working on a story for my grand children.  It has been written and re-written and probably will be re-re-written again.  The story will have a little "Cloud Baby" doll with it as soon as I can get it done. However, I really do not have anyone that I can show this to and get an honest opinion.  So, to that end, I am posting a few excerpts from the story to see your reaction.  I need feedback, good or bad.  I want this story to be the kind that moms and grand moms read to their kids and grand children as the little ones cuddle the "Cloud Baby".  You know, something kitschy and whimsical.  So, please give me your opinion!  Thanks.

Excerpt #1:
King Watson's realm was vast and reached out in all directions as far as the eye could see. The Grand Hall sat atop a knoll that overlooked the quaint burg of Atir. The castle, constructed centuries ago, had been the home of the many descendants of that first king. Built of quarried stones, this citadel stood as a symbol of strength and endurance. Turrets once used as lookout points for oncoming intruders now stood tall, proud and silent. The ashlar now worn showed battle scars suffered from attacks on the majestic edifice. As dawn peeked over the esker, the stained glass windows refracted the sun like prisms. During the early morning hours rainbows appeared throughout the inside of the Hall.

Excerpt #2:
To the West stood the Ancient Massifs. Formed when the land was still new, their splendor could be seen in every tor and valley. These majestic peaks had served to protect this little hamlet from storms approaching from the sea. When the waters churned and treacherous gales built, these highlands would quell the winds and gentle rains instead would fall. In the winter the hills and valleys seemed to trap the snow upon them forming a glistening quilt. Mother Nature vested herself according to each season. Each more magnificent than the other. These promontories held many secrets. Since before stories were written children had been raised on tales of fantastic wizards mixing powerful potions in secret lairs. Many seekers of magical knowledge have gone into these mountains. Most returned empty handed. The few that never returned were said to have completed their crusade. Every time another pilgrim returned another fable was born. Such as yarns of the strange chantings heard in caves or trees uprooting themselves and walking or the smoke that billowed from the earth and swirled around you. Some of these anecdotes made for some raucous evenings by the fire. Others held the audience hostage until the very last word. Akin to the stories of great fire breathing dragons that once roamed the skies freely among these ranges.

And, finally.....Excerpt #3:
One of the most beautiful sights of Atir was the Painted Meadow to the South. The mild climate, and plentiful rainfall made this lush carpet of emerald bloom with a panorama of color. This large breadth was a veritable garden most of the year. It was as if the Seasons had no meaning in this pasture. Seeds that were carried by the wind from far away places settled in the soft earth and exotic wildflowers sprang up everywhere. Beds of lazurite lobelias stood tall amidst tufts of grass. Bergamot, a favorite herb used for a most delightful tea, showed its scarlet whorls besieged by honey bees. A blanket of buttercups appeared to melt and spread in the heat of a midday sun. While rows of dancing daisies kicked their petals to a tune heard only by them. These blossoms attracted an affluence of life. Interlaced in this rich landscape of flowers flew birds and butterflies of every description. Yellow swallowtails merged into orange monarchs that melded into chartreuse colored hummingbirds. Tweets, chirps and whistles came together in an organized chorus. If one listened very closely, the sound of fluttering wings could be heard as each sought the pollen and nectar promised within each flower.