Sunday, August 23, 2015

Trying Something New

Lady in Pink

I recently came across the Legend of the Christmas Spider.  What a wonderful story!  I looked up the story on the internet and found a myriad of spiders.  So many that, I, too found a bit of inspiration and decided to try my hand at making a few.

The one at the top of the page is my Lady in Pink.  She is so delicate and feminine.  I could see her gracing a Steampunk wedding reception table.  Could you just not see her sitting atop a delicate lace tablecloth?  Or maybe next to the guest book as she greets the friends of the happy couple?  Or perhaps this little lady will gently stand in a bouquet of feathers and flowers?

Ming Dynasty Lady
My next creation is Ming Dynasty Lady. When I was going through my stash of beads I found this beautiful large blue and white bead.  It's not really from the Ming Dynasty, by the way! But, I also found the blue fabric "bead"...could I mix the two, I wondered? Won't know until you try it.  So, I used a head pin that I thought would suit it as well some Lapis Lazuli.  She looks so elegant, doesn't she?  I see her on a mantle sitting besides an Alabaster vase, perhaps?

My third creation is Coppersmith.  I used some Mookite as part of the leg assembly.  When I was done with this spider, it reminded me of copper.  I could see her sitting on top of a shelf as she watches the journeyman hammering at his latest creation.

These little ladies were so much fun to make, I think I will make more and maybe some spider earrings.  After all, Halloween is coming up very soon.