Monday, July 11, 2011

I am so very glad that my week is over and I am off for the next two days. The weather is supposed to be oppressive. They are calling for the heat index to be 107!! That's hot, humid or not. I don't seem to remember this part of the country getting this hot -- not even during the dog days of summer. How I long for the cool breezes in upstate New York. I cannot wait until late September. I still have not figured out if I will be going up to Sharon Springs a week before the show and leave soon afterwards or arrive just a few days before...still trying to figure that out. I have to decide soon if I want to get a room!

I plan on working very hard tonight and for the next two days to make some items that I have been itching to do. I'm working on a couple of bustiers -- Steampunk, of course. I have to scrounge for the boning. I went to my local Hancock Fabric store today and the package of 2 yards was $4.99 and by the yard it was $3.29. Seeing how I need quite a bit...I wonder where I can get strapping tape for free. Maybe the local IFH?? It's the same thing that Hancock's was selling for $3.29/yd.

I was talking to a gentleman in Sharon Springs who I think is much the entrepreneur. I was trying to pick his brain to see how he handles working on Long Island and travelling to Sharon Springs where he owns property. He is also working on restoring a beautiful old hotel (The Wellington House), etc. I see that kind of thing every day. Remember the movie about the woman who went and cooked every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook? That was based on a true story. The Beekman Boys are another example. How did they get a show on Planet Green? Yes, they knew Martha Stewart and Josh works for JWT, one of the best advertising agencies in NY. They had a little bit of an in there, but it's not like Planet Green knocked on their door one day and asked them if they wanted a TV show. How does this happen? What am I missing? What step am I not taking. I just want to be able to eventually quit my waitressing job and do my own thing. How to achieve that? One thing I do plan to do when I am in Sharon Springs is to talk to Josh and Brent (Beekman Boys)...Garth and Doug, owners of the American Hotel...Tony Daou, owner of the Black Cat Cafe. I want to buy these people a drink or a cup of coffee...I want to sit and talk about how they did it. Maybe I can get an idea of the steps to take. Sort of like doing some reconnaissance work. Get a little intel. How do I get out of this rut I am in. How do I quit my job and move on.